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Nia zikiwa moja, kilicho mbali huja

When minds are one, what is far comes near

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Village Organisation
Chole is administered by a Village Council with an elected chairperson and 22 elected members.  The Chole Mjini Conservation and Development Company, which operates the lodge, is represented on the Village Council and facilitates the overall development effort, as well as providing ongoing administrative and other support.  Visitors to the lodge also contribute a voluntary levy of US$10 per night towards the economic development on Chole; these funds are not administered by the Trust, but by the Chole Society for Economic Development (see below).
Beneath the Village Council are three formally constituted Societies - the Chole Society for Economic Development, the Chole Society for Social Development and the Chole Society for Women's Development (such non-governmental societies incorporated under Tanzanian law are analogous to registered charities elsewhere, being able for example to received donations free of tax).
The principal focus for social development is the Harambee Committee, a committee of the CSSD with additional representation from the CSWD and elsewhere.  Its importance comes from it being the Trust's partner on Chole.  The Chole Project's philosophy of the community making its own decisions and allocating funds according to its own priorities means that the Harambee, by Chole standards, has substantial funds to disburse, and conversely sometimes has to make painful decisions when setting priorities.
The CSWD is responsible for the Kindergarten, using funds allocated by the Harambee.