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Nia zikiwa moja, kilicho mbali huja

When minds are one, what is far comes near

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Primary Schooling


Prior to the Chole Project, children attended the single classroom school on Chole or went to primary school on the adjacent island of Juani when the tide allowed them to cross.


An early result of the partnership between the Village Council and the Chole Mjini Conservation and Development Company was the establishment on the island of a government funded primary school (right), which now has about 200 pupils, to which the Company has contributed infrastructure and logistic support and built classrooms and teachers' houses.


During 2015, again supported by the Chole Mjini Conservation and Development Company together with other donors, a new library for the Primary School has been constructed.  One of the major objectives of the library is to offer computer based English language tuition using the Genki system.  Tuition for primary school pupils in Tanzania is in Swahili, but then switches to English in secondary school, making the transition very challenging for pupils.


Focusing on teaching English before pupils make that transition should help all pupils to achieve better results in secondary school.  The Trust is very grateful to Richard Graham, Founder and Chief Executive of Genki English, for a very generous donation which allowed the library to be completed, and to the 2011 Class of the International School of Geneva, who also raised funds the bulk of the funds for the contruction.  Computers 4 Africa also donated two high specification Hewlett Packard laptops to run the Genki system.