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Nia zikiwa moja, kilicho mbali huja

When minds are one, what is far comes near

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The Kindergarten

The Kindergarten caters for pre-school children aged 3 to 5 years, and was funded by the Women’s Front of Norway until 2008, when their funding ceased.  Since then the enormous generosity Barry Paul, a medal winner at the Rome Olympic Games, through his company Leon Paul Fencing Equipment (who also sponsor the British and American Olympic Fencing Associations) has ensured that funding remains in place, and the Kindergarten is prospering.

The Kindergarten is very important on Chole.  It not only gives children a sound educational start to life, based on Montessori principles, but also ensures that children are monitored for parasites, anaemia and other prevalent conditions at the Chole Medical Centre, to which the Harambee Committee also allocate funds, so that they can be treated early.  Children attend either in the morning or in the afternoon, overlapping over lunch so every child is guaranteed at least one balanced, nutrious meal a day.

Because they know that their small children are cared for in a secure, happy environment also empowers mothers to develop their own lives.  Practically every small child on Chole now attends the Kindergarten, meaning that participation in education from an early age is now the norm for the Chole community.