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Nia zikiwa moja, kilicho mbali huja

When minds are one, what is far comes near

The Chole Project
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The Chole Mjini Trust Fund is a UK registered charity (charity no. 1136480).  All our documentation is up-to-date (as at September 2015) and available on the Charity Commission's website.  Please click on these links to view the Trust's accounts for 2010201120122013 and 2014.


The Trust liaises with the Harambee Committee on Chole, which is responsible for allocating funds; the picture at the top of every page on this website shows the Harambee Committee in session.  Harambee is a Kiswahili word meaning "pulling together", and details of the  committee and its composition are included in the annual report - see below.


The Trust only makes grants to projects on Chole when a costed plan which has been approved by the Harambee Committee is received.  Once approved by the Trustees funds are then transferred to a dedicated bank account on Mafia which Anne de Villiers oversees.  If for any reason funds which have been requested are not in fact required (for example, because for some reason a child does not take up a place at school) then the funds are retained rather than being reallocated, and are accounted for when the next plan is presented.


The biggest single funding commitment is to secondary education, and the Harambee Committee has established criteria that are strictly applied for a child to be eligible.  All meetings of the Harambee Committee are properly minuted.


The accounts of the Harambee Committee are independently audited.  Clicking on these links will show the 200920102011, 20122013 and 2014 audit reports.  The Harambee Committee also publishes a reports each year.  Please click here for the 2014 report.