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Nia zikiwa moja, kilicho mbali huja

When minds are one, what is far comes near

The Chole Project
Oral Traditions
About Us


Anne and Jean de Villiers


When Anne and Jean de Villiers conceived the idea of a commercial tourist lodge on Chole in the first half of the 1990s they always saw the project as including supporting the development of the local community on the island.


With this in mind the project was carried out in close consultation with the Chole Village Elders and a broad cross section of the community. The fruits of the patience and vision shown by Anne and Jean are clear in the remarkable results being achieved on Chole.


To find out more about their vision please do not hesitate to email Anne and Jean directly.



The Trustees are Robin Cooke-Hurle (Chairman), Anne and Jean de Villiers, Patrizia Cooke-Hurle, Ivo Hesmondhalgh, Keith Mitchell, Sabine Stevenson and Mike Jones. Full details are available on the Charity Commission website, and you are always very welcome to contact any of us C/O 6 Manchuria Road London SW11 6AE or at

Some "Thank You's"


The biggest "thank you" must of course go to our donors, most of whom have visited Chole, seen for themselves the community's progress towards a self sufficient, sustainable future and have wanted to help.

Many provide regular support, by monthly standing order, all of which goes towards the long term needs of the project.
In addition we are would also like record our immense gratitude to:
- Leon Paul Fencing Equipment, leading suppliers to the sport of fencing and to the British and American Olympic teams.  Leon Paul sponsors the Chole Kindergarten.
- Richard Graham, founder and chief executive of Genki English, for supporting the provision of computer based English language tuition in the Primary School.
- Read International for the donation of a library of text books to the Learning Centre and to the new Primary School library.
- Really Simple Systems for very generous support of the Learning Centre IT systems over several years.